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Whether you are a property manager looking to reduce operational costs, a building contractor needing to meet tight building code specifications or an HVAC business owner that wants an easy entry into the growing home performance market, ECS has the proven answer.

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Property Managers

Since 2010 Energy Conservation Specialists of Connecticut has turned property managers into heroes by helping them save significantly on their monthly heating and cooling costs. Our number one weapon against rising energy costs is the use of an innovative duct sealing technology called aeroseal. Developed by the U.S. Department of Energy, aeroseal can quickly and effectively seal ductwork and ventilation shafts where leakage in Connecticut-area buildings typically account for an estimated 20% – 40% of wasted energy – an amount that can easily add up to tens of thousands of dollars annually.

See why the Federal Government ranks commercial duct sealing as one of the top 3 things most property owners can do to significantly reduce their energy costs. Click here.


Building Contractors

If you are a building contractor in the state of Connecticut you know that meeting building code requirements has just gotten much tougher. Starting in 2015, the state began implementing the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) as part of the Connecticut State Building Code for both residential and commercial construction. As part of this code, duct testing is a mandatory process and adhering to tight standards for duct leakage is specified for all new construction and retrofit projects.

Learn how ECS can help you easily meet both of these requirements with an innovative approach to duct sealing called aeroseal. Aeroseal’s computerized process tests leakage rates before and after each sealing project providing an official computerized certificate of the results. More importantly, aeroseal is so effective at sealing leaks that it is all but guaranteed to ensure you meet today’s super stringent building code requirements for duct leakage. Best of all, aeroseal can be applied without having to tear into existing walls or otherwise disrupt other operations going on throughout the building. To learn more, Click here.


HVAC Businesses

Most industry experts agree: the future of HVAC business growth lies in providing energy conservation services. Customer demand for energy-saving expertise continues to grow and HVAC professions are the first group most people turn to for these services. If you don’t have these services to offer, your competitors will.

ECS offers HVAC businesses a way to instantly gain energy service expertise. No training or investment required. When you partner with ECS, we work behind the scenes to provide aeroseal duct sealing services and other energy-conservation measures that are a natural extension of the services you already offer.

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