Aeroseal Duct Sealing


Duct Testing – Code Compliance – HVAC Performance

CommericalAeroseal is changing the way contractors install new ductwork and repair existing ventilation shafts and duct systems. Developed by the U.S. Department of Energy, this innovative approach to duct sealing has proven to be an easy, less expensive way to meet stringent building code requirements and attain ideal HVAC performance. New construction or existing buildings, the use of aeroseal technology is proving to be a real game changer.

Unlike traditional duct sealing methods such as mastic and tape, aeroseal works from the inside of the ducts to seal leaks. This inside/out approach eliminates the need to manually access the individual leaks. No tearing into walls or stripping away insulation. No need to crawl into attics or behind plumbing. The aeroseal sealant is administered as an aerosol mist into the interior of the duct or vent. It seeks out leaks and forms a bond around the hole until it is sealed. The computerized delivery system measures the process and generates an official report at the end of each project, indicating the before and after results. Code compliance is fully documented.

The licensed aeroseal technicians at ECS typically complete commercial duct sealing projects in a matter of hours – not weeks or months. Less man hours per project – faster transition to the next job on your schedule. It all leads to lower costs and higher productivity.

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