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Call ECS today and schedule a duct testing. It typically takes just an hour or less to do. When it’s done, we’ll hand you a computer generated report that shows you exactly how much treated air you are losing through leaks in your ductwork. If the pre-test shows that you are losing less than 15% of what your furnace or air conditioner is putting out, we’ll pack up our equipment and charge you absolutely nothing. If you are losing 15% or more, we’ll take just a few more minutes to seal your ductwork at a price that will have you smiling. Best of all, with your ducts sealed, you’ll feel the difference right away and you’ll see the difference in your utility bill month after month. In most cases, aerosealing your ductwork pays for itself in 2-4 years. Then it’s just extra money in your pocket – year after year.

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A growing number of local utility companies and government agencies are offering limited time rebates on duct sealing and other home performance projects. ECS can identify your eligibility and help you get the rebates you deserve.

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Stand out from your competitors – Grow your business starting today

The duct sealing experts at ECS will partner with your business and work behind the scenes, adding state-of-the-art duct sealing to the services you currently offer your customers.

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* A signed agreement stating that the homeowner will hire ECS to seal any duct system with a pre-seal leakage rate of 15% or greater is required. If pre-seal leakage is below 15%, there is absolutely no charge.


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