testimonials 1“After living in my house for the first year we noticed a few things about our heating/cooling system. Some vents seemed to have little or no air flow. I (also) noticed that my basement home-office – below a lot of exposed duct work – would get warm or cold depending on what the upstairs zones were calling for. I did some more research and found Aeroseal, a product which can seal an entire duct system from the inside. I spoke to Bill Henne (at ECS) over the phone and he gave me a quote. I made the appointment to schedule the sealing. (When ECS was finished) I didn’t need a report to be convinced. It was like installing a whole new system. Suddenly, vents in my house that had no pressure were shooting out air. With the recent string of hot days, the house is much more comfortable. I am confident that more of the air I am paying to cool is reaching its destination. I am sure the house will be far warmer this winter. With the rising cost of oil and electricity, Aeroseal is a no-brainer.”

Mike, Easton


testimonial 2(1 month after ECS aerosealed and insulated their home) “I just received fuel oil and I was actually dreading the result as we have never been this comfortable in our house! Not just modestly warm, but Palm Spring warm, since your sealing and insulation work on our house. While we had a couple of warm days, most of the month has been Arctic cold. While greatly appreciating the comfort and consistent temperature in all areas of our house, I was still expecting a relatively high fuel use. Normally in the depth of Winter, we use monthly 180-200 gallons of fuel to achieve 65° during evening and 60° during sleep hours. Well, the verdict is in -—we only burned 137 gallons this month! Fantastic result! We are hugely satisfied with our Aeroseal result. Our payback on your work will likely be one heating season. Best imaginable ROI. Congratulation on your success!”

Bill Southbury


testimonial 5“ I’m an accountant and I can tell you that, for my money, having my home aerosealed was simply the best investment I could have made. I figure I’m now saving around $600 each year on my energy bill – a return I would never get from bank interest or even the stockmarket. ”

Jack T., tax specialist


testimonial 6“As a contractor, I thought I could seal the ductwork in my home myself using mastic sealant and tape. After spending several days in the attic and basement trying to get the leaks, I made little progress.  So I had my home aerosealed and the job was completed in less than a day. Best of all, the work reduced my leaks by 93%.”

Jason M., building contractor and homeowner





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