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 Save Energy – Increase Comfort – Improve Air Quality

iStock_000021742194XLargeECS is your energy savings and home performance experts. Our goal is to help you meet your energy goals as effectively and inexpensively as possible. Rather than offering one or two high-profit fixes, like most other shops, we examine a full spectrum of energy-related concerns to determine the best course of action to accomplish the most energy savings for the least cost and the biggest return on your investment.

We are also familiar with rebates and other incentive programs available to keep your costs as low as possible. Once you’ve had a chance to determine the steps you’d like to take, we can do much of the work ourselves.

Our services include:

What sets ECS apart from other businesses is our ability to facilitate these projects so they can happen smoothly at the same time, without one process holding up the other part of the project. Between our staff and partners we can provide virtually any construction service down to building an entirely new home. So when it comes time to replace your old roof, plan a new addition, renovate etc. we are a one-stop building performance and home improvement contractor. Forget trying to organize a bunch of contractors on your own. Call us to handle it all and ensure that your project will maximize your building performance while being completed within a reasonable time frame.

Keep in mind the best time to do certain energy efficiency improvements is during other planned repairs or improvements. For example, the best time to consider attic improvements such as air sealing, insulation or HVAC changes is typically during roof renovation. The added access available when the roof is under construction may make other repairs easier and therefore more effective and less expensive. Other home improvement projects that may best lend themselves to energy upgrades include siding replacement, basement finishing or drywall replacement/repair.

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