Aeroseal Duct Sealings


Save Energy – Increase Comfort – Improve Indoor Air Quality 

happy familyYour home’s ductwork is the lifeblood of your heating and cooling system. Like the arteries and veins that deliver blood and nutrients throughout your body, your ductwork delivers and circulates the air that your furnace and air conditioner treats to make your home comfortable and healthy. You may have a strong and healthy heart, but if there’s problems with your arteries, you could be at serious risk.

The same for your ductwork. You may have the most energy efficient heating and cooling system on the market, but if your ductwork leaks, you will continue to suffer with high energy bills. Leaky ducts are typically the single most common cause of home energy waste, uneven temperatures, as well as excessive dirt, allergens and other indoor pollutants.

The professionals at ECS are experts at repairing your ducts. They take care of your home while using aeroseal, the most advanced technology available for sealing your ductwork.

Aeroseal Duct Sealing

Aeroseal was developed by scientists to address the problems associated with duct sealing. Traditional sealing methods can be hard to administer. Since most ductwork is hidden behind walls, under insulation or other hard-to-access locations, finding and sealing all the leaks is a difficult chore at best.

Aeroseal works from the inside of the ductwork to seal leaks. The computerized sealing system automatically locates and seals all the leaks, quickly and efficiently – usually in less than a day. The aeroseal sealing process is completely safe and non-disruptive to your current home’s architecture. Best of all, aerosealing your home’s ductwork is so effective that it typically provides the highest return on investment of any other means you can use to save energy – payback for Connecticut home owners is typically 2 to 3 years. Compare that to the payback for upgrading windows (average payback of 70 years) or insulating walls (can easily be 90 years or more).

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One of the best things about aerosealing your ductwork is that you don’t have to guess if it works or not. Not only will you feel the difference right away, but after each project is completed, the aeroseal system generates an official report that clearly shows the before and after measurements of duct leakage.

There is a reason why the U.S. Department of Energy calls aeroseal duct sealing one of the top 5 energy saving innovations to become available to homeowners since the agency was first established.

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