Energy Savings


New Rules On Energy Saving 

The rules on home energy savings have changed. Thanks to new technologies and a better understanding of whole-system building performance, scientists now know that many of our most common ideas on how to save energy are no longer true.

NYTDid you know:

  • The single most effective thing you can do to save home energy, more often than not, is duct sealing.
  • The payback for upgrading windows can be 70 years or more? Insulating walls is typically 90 years.
  • New rebate programs offered by government agencies and/or utility companies in Connecticut can take a huge bite out of the cost of upgrading your furnace or central air conditioner.

At ECS, we make it easy to save energy.

Our home energy audit provides a detailed analysis of your home’s performance. We then review our results with you and help you determine the best steps for resolving any energy, comfort or health issues that may be associated with your home’s performance.

In many cases, we can do the work for you. If you require further expertise, we can find the right experts for the job and manage the work to ensure it is done properly.

Aeroseal Duct Sealing

DSC_0410ECS is your aeroseal duct sealing specialists. Learn why sealing your ducts with aeroseal is most likely the single most effect – and cost effective – thing you can do to reduce your monthly utility bill. Click here. We can also insulate and air seal your home as well as monitor other contractors to ensure they do the right work the right way.