Home Energy Audit


The Smart Way To Save Energy – Increase Indoor Comfort

Energy AuditAre you looking to save energy and reduce your monthly utility bill? Do you suffer with uneven temperatures from room to room? Do you have problems with indoor allergens, persistent mold or excessive dust?

An energy audit from ECS can determine the most effective and cost effective way to fix these problems and meet all of your home energy and building performance needs. We use the latest diagnostic tools and our building science training to identify the root causes of these issues.

Whole Home Approach To Save Energy

With ECS, you get a “whole-building-as-a-system” approach to your home improvement projects, as taught by the Building Performance Institute. This approach recognizes that your building functions as a system, with different components – the building envelope (shell), the heating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and you, the occupant. Each of these components affects the other. If one system has a problem, it impacts the other systems’ ability to function properly. High energy bills, uneven temperatures from room-to-room, drafts, moisture, mold, mildew, poor indoor air quality, ice dams, pest infestations, seemingly uncontrollable humidity levels and even premature deterioration of building materials can all be the result of a breakdown in the relationship between the systems in your house.

Understanding this relationship, ECS’s energy experts can quickly evaluate all of the components affecting your home performance and provide the best, most cost effective recommendations for solving any issues you are looking to resolve.

Green Home Consultation

After evaluating your home, we offer several services to fix the problems. If we don’t have the expertise ourselves we can locate trusted professionals who do. We also offer construction management services to oversee improvement projects and ensure the work is done properly using the best, most cost-effective techniques available.